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Here are all the listed projects and accomplishments that our company has fulfilled throughout the years.

National Power Corporation

We have successfully installed the Standpipe Piezometer at NPC-Mingen. Af Drill Techniques, Conducted drilling of boreholes in two months for two locations with 17 total boreholes. Standpipe piezometer helps NPC-Migne personnel monitor the water level in the area and the pore water pressure coming out from the DAM.

Apex Mining Co. Inc.


We have successfully Installed dozen of Vibrating Wire Piezometer at APEX Mining Tailings Storage Facilities (TSF) with a single monitoring Station above the TSF. All said Vibrating Wire Piezometers are backed up with after-sales support with this all said Piezometers are working up to the present.

Supply Installation of Standpipe Piezometer and Inclinometer at CMC Ravena Project in IPO DAM

We have successfully supplied, installed , commissioned, and trained CMC Ravena Personnel in Monitoring seepages and slope movement in particular sites at  IPO DAM.

Ayala Inclinometer System


We have successfully installed Inclinometer System in one of the Properties of Ayala Land Inc. in southern part of Metro Manila.

Filminera Resources Inc.


AF Drill Techniques, Instrumentation Corp. Successfully delivered, installed, commissioned, and trained Filminera Resouces Inc. personnel in monitoring seepages at their TS Facilities.

Hedcor - Aboitiz

Successfully delivered and installed VW Piezometer at their Power Plant in Mindanao Region.



Successfully supplied, delivered, and Installed tiltmeter Instruments in one of the Aircraft Radar System at Batangas Area. Tiltmeter used to monitor the movement of the radar tower while conducting rehabilitation of the said tower.

Visayas Region


Successfully installed Inclinometer System and Assisted in installing Geoflex Instrument to remotely monitored the area for possible ground/ slope movement.

Palayan Power Plant

Successfully installed P-Alert Plus Earthquake Recording Instruments at Palayan Geothermal Power Plant in Bicol Region and monitored this via web-based/remotely by its owner Energy Development Corp.

Mt. Apo Geothermal Power Plant


Similar to Palayan Power Plant AF Drill Techniques.

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