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This Is How We Started



AF Drills Techniques


Promoted the Accelerograph Earthquake Recording Instruments

as DPWH Approved



operation to Drilling Contracting Services


Acquired Brand-New Drilling Machines for Geotechnical Drilling Projects and Grouting Projects Application


Our Company AF Drill Techniques, Instrumentation Corp. Started on March 11 2015. During the early stage of our company, we concentrate in promoting mining equipment and supplies, geotechnical Instrumentation to our customers in the Mining industries.

For Mining Equipment and Supplies, our services includes supplies of spare parts for LF70 Drilling machines including accessories and down hole tooling. Supplies of all Types of Drilling Rods from AW, BW, NQ, NW, HQ, HW, HWT PQ, PHD sizes, Bentonite, Additives, Core barrels, fishing tools impregnated bits, surface set bits among others.

For Geotechnical Instrumentation our Services includes supplies, Installation training and commissioning of Geotechnical Instrumentation such as Inclinometer System, Vibrating Wire Piezometer System, Rod Extensometer System, Standpipe Piezometer System, Water Level indicators, Tiltmeters, etc. These instruments are used to monitor subways, Slopes, deep excavations, tilting, porewater pressures, Hydro Dams, Concrete Dams, earth fill Dams and during constructions operations and activities.

In the late year of 2015, we promoted the Accelerograph Earthquake Recording Instruments as the said instruments has been approved under DPWH-Implementing Rules and Regulation under Presidential Degree (PD) 1096 that buildings with 50meters and above in height shall equipped with three (3) Accelerograph Earthquake Recording Instruments system. Buildings with below 50 meters in height shall equipped with one (1) Accelerograph System.

To date we have installed 300 units of P-Alert Plus Accelerograph in Geothermal Power Plants, High Rise, Medium Rise buildings, Schools and Universities, Hospitals, Church, Solar Power Plants, and Hydro Dam in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

In 2018, Our company expands its operation to Drilling Contracting Services. Our Company acquired LF90 Crawler Mounted Drilling Machine, 2 units of Crawler mounted Drilling machine, 1-unit TBM Skid mounted Drilling machines and 11 units of Skid mounted TDC 1 drilling machines. These rigs are currently deployed in Laguna province and Palawan province for Geotechnical project and Nickel-Laterite exploration projects respectively.


Today, we have acquired 10 more units of brand-new Drilling machines for Geotechnical drilling projects and grouting projects application. In total our company have 25 units of Drilling machines with side pumps, 2 units of Boom Trucks, 1 unit of Backhoe excavator and 5 units of pick-up service vehicles.


With years of experienced in the field of Geotechnical and Structural Instrumentation plus drilling contracting, our goal is to maintain quality workmanship and provides excellent products and services to our valued customers.

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